As Your Trustee

Stan sees at least four responsibility strands in this community leadership position:

  1. Serve all families by being able to direct them when they need help.
  2. Represent Caledon at the Board level.
  3. Help Caledon’s “Triad” of partners, teachers and administrators to work towards ensuring an invitational model of student success.
  4. Offer support for additional positive ideas and programs to help Caledon children, their families, teachers and school administration.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees in Ontario’s Public School System

“Amendments to the Education Act have made policy decisions the clear domain of elected trustees, and entrusted the day-to-day operational decision-making to school board education directors and administrative staff. Trustees still have power to set policy and approve budget, but once that ahs been done it is left up to the director of education to oversee daily policy matters and budget spending.”

– The Caledon Enterprise, June 10, 20101 – pg. 36.

The amendments to the Education Act can be viewed as Bill 177, The Student Achievement and School Board Governance Act.